Website SEO and Marketing

A beautiful website can be incredibly impressive – and will be completely valueless if your customers or suppliers can’t find it. Blunet focuses not only on the aesthetics and mechanics of your web presence…Blunet focuses on ensuring that your investment drives traffic, interest and clients to YOU by being easily found through major search engines.

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When you build a high-quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, your page ranking opportunity is embedded in your site. Utilizing proven and effective processes, techniques and coding, Blunet designs websites that meet major search engine guidelines, working to guarantee that search engine ‘bots’ will see your site and drive it to the top of relevant search results.

Blunets SEO services include:

SEO Website Layout: Blunet works with our clients to put together key relevant search terms that best apply to their business, structuring them so that their relevance will be read and indexed by key search engines

SEO Link Building: Blunet crawls the web to find strong and relevant back-links for our clients website. Gathering quality back-links and connecting them to a client site helps to rapidly drive website ranking and search results that put our clients’ sites at the top of their relevant search pages

Traffic Analytics and Analysis Systems: Blunet can customize web traffic analytics and associated systems so that our clients can quickly and easily monitor key traffic coming to their website. Providing this type of web demographics information helps our clients make better-informed business and financial decisions, and helps to create additional business opportunity tracking.

By working with Blunet, you are investing in years of successful search engine page rankings, and consequently, years of continued business opportunity.