Blunet Prices

Blunet offers package deals and work by the hour.

Custom Web Design-

Whether you want your website to stand out with completely custom web design or just need a little bit of additional work to tweak of our packages, Aspen Web Design will charge $65 per hour. For most jobs, once we know the scope of the work we’ll be able to provide either an estimate or set price beforehand.

Website Starter Packages-

Basic Website Package $1600

As its name suggests, the basic website package is a very fundamental website that can also act as a foundation which you can build upon to create a much larger and more powerful website. Since your website will be wholly under your control, you can choose to log in and edit or expand it yourself – or alternatively, engage our services for additional custom work as needed.

Each basic website package comes with:

-4 to 5 pages all set and ready to go that you can log in and edit

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The layout of your website will be optimized with your content and keywords of choice to attract the attention of search engines

-1 year of premium hosting
The hosting plan that we set up with a leading webhost will be in your name, so you’re free to administer it as you see fit. Furthermore, we’ll also set up a secure back-up protection plan so in the unlikely situation that something were to happen to your website it can be restored with minimal hassle.

-1 year of complimentary domain name registration

-Installation and testing of a theme you selectt
With over 1,000 themes and templates in our collection, we’ll help guide you when you choose one that is exactly to your tastes. Once you do, we’ll set it up and test it so that you can be certain it is reliable, bug-free and SEO compliant.

-A ‘recent news’ or ‘blog’ style page
Want to be able to conveniently make a post on your new website with just a few clicks? This is the page that can make that happen whether you want to use it as a personal blog or even a company news page.

-30 minutes of training
Now that you have a website, you’ll need to know how to use it – and with the 30 minute training we provide, you’ll be shown all the basic tools that are necessary to help run and maintain it.

Of course, if you want something more tailored to your specific needs then that isn’t a problem either as we also build completely custom websites. Due to the unique nature of each of these websites however, we’ll need to know some details before we can supply you with a reliable quote – so just tell us about your project and we’ll give you our best price!

SEO Prices- $65 per hour

Each website requires special attention when it comes to SEO work, and we don’t want to create packages that may not be fully beneficial to our clients. That is why instead we provide our hourly rates that will enable us to optimize your website for search engines in the areas that are most important.